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Sickness and Spookiness

Sickness and Spookiness

The Cold War

Monday night I came down with a cold, which was a rather unexpected shock, considering Philadelphia's distinctively un-Fallish weather this weekend. But sure enough, Tuesday found me sore-throated, and Wednesday found me aching to my very bones. Today I believe I'm recovering, though I've still got that logy, punched-in-the-head feeling. But at least it's just a cold, and hasn't morphed into the more traditional "viral sinusitis" which then tends to morph into a spiritually-challenging "bacterial sinusitis". My sinuses are an equal-opportunity organ.

Much like our Ambidextrous friend above, I get rather cranky when I'm sick. For very similar reasons as well. I can't stand the inevitable delays in work and life that sickness entail. I also don't care for soup. I enjoy eating solid food; soup for me can never be anything more than a drink, no matter how hearty. Chili rides a fine line — without tortilla chips, it merely remains a meaty milkshake.

Get Out The Torches And Pitchforks

Speaking of evil concoctions, the 2007 Spooky Sock Monkeys are out. This year, however, Kim decided to auction the monkeys, rather than sell them. Hopefully this will give late-comers a fighting chance to get the monkey they want, since last year they were pretty much gone in a day. Unfortunately it kind of alienates those with thin wallets. But with any luck, the monkeys will savagely murder their respective owners, and everyone will have a chance to bid on them all over again. Everybody wins!

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Russer Butter

Get well soon Bear.

Russer Butter

Hey Bear, funny story. I wished you to get well soon, then stepped out the front door to go down and feed the alpacas only to slip on a wet board and take a header off my front porch. I don't think I seriously hurt myself, but I think I will probably be sore for a few days. The alpacas did get fed, but only after a bit of cursing.


Conversely, I've had a nasal irritation of some variety for the last eight months. From the foul Allergies to the wretched Cold, I have been tied to my kleenex and decongestants as though they were my lifeblood. Only now does it seem that my curse is lifting, during the coldest fall I can remember!


I've been suffering almost the same affliction, and it's pleasing to hear that I'm not the only one who get irrationally irritated by being sick. If only DayQuil lived up to its claims.

Wait, how did empathy creep into Bearskinrug? Quick, say something funny!


Russer - See? You should just let the Alpacas borrow the car and go get their own food.

Andrew - Wow... EIGHT MONTHS. Now THAT sucks!

Christian - Funny? Hmmm... "Boobs"


i've had just about enough of your soup bashing, pal. One day the soupies are going to rise up against you anti-soupites!

Russer Butter

Yeah, but they would just get junk food.

Captain Purple

We have a toddler at home who excelled at bringing home new and exciting pathogens from day care and then covering every surface of our home with samples. Last fall and winter was my sickest in years. I feel your pain.

And, in my personal experience, once you add enough crackers soup can be turned into a lovely mush or paste, and the extra salt will help you shake that cold.

Go get 'em, tiger!

The Colonel

You know what I find cures the common (or asskickingly uncommon bastard of a) cold?

Baby's blood.

Sure, it sounds a little gross, and wholly unethical, but they're filled with all sorts of vital cells and... stuff.

Look, I never claimed to be a scientist, I'm just saying, go trolling around your local orphanage or nursery. You'll be rewarded with good health for the ages.


I like the fact that Rerun has started to show up in your scripts. And that he plays your character.


I also was suffering from a runny nose and fever, but I took The Colonel advice about the baby's blood. Now at first I was a little apprehensive about killing a baby, so instead I went to my local morgue and bought one off the crazy guy who works the front desk. He asked for $250, but I bargained him down to $75. Anyways, the baby was a little frozen, so I had to microwave it for a few minutes. It was hard to fit the little guy into the microwave, but with a little bit of trimming, I got it to work. Anyways, long story short, I got the blood out (used a drill and funnel- a little messy, but itís what I had on hand) and drank it down, and now I feel great! Thanks for the tip, Colonel!


Oh, yeah, anyone wanna buy a baby carcass - 75 bucks (Canadian funds only)


Will you take MasterCard?



Mountain Gnome

Hmm spooky......
Just love the halloween sockmonkeys
Kim you're a genius!
Who's ambidextrous in the cartoon, and why?
Maybe I'm just missing it!
Hope you get well soon Kevin
@Colonel: YUCK!

Kilian Valkhof

Finally someone that shares my adversity towards soup. Food wasn't meant to be liquid, soup should be made illegal!


This almost rests on my annoyance of a fruit smoothie being referred to as a meal. It is not. Soup and a sammich, however, can be useful.

Example: Wow that soup made my throat feel a bit better... I bet I could now eat this sammich I made with it... and then BANG! You are nourished and over the cold.



Sutter - Your kind doesn't have the strength to unite. Not enough solid food in your diet.

Captain - Yeah - I don't even have kids and I feel like I'm sick far more than I can tolerate!

The Colonel - Why must all your home remedies involve a conflict of ethics?

Ian - Haha - I worried that his cold pack would look like a beret. CRAP!

Pixelgurl - I admire your stick-to-itiveness! I would have given up after the microwave.

Mountain Gnome - Ambidextrous is the name of any cartoon with those two characters. There's plenty more where this came from, too.

Kilian - My sentiments exactly!

Mork - I'm not even sure a fruit smoothie qualifies as anything other than "dessert".


Dude, I've been around alot longer than you would ever dream to be.

I'm comforting, and popular, people donate me all the freakin time.

And now you don't CARE for me...

Well I am quite offended.


<cough> Wait, so this soup <cough> does errands? <cough> Because I'm way <cough> behind on dishes and laundry <cough> and it's hard <cough><cough><cough> to <cough> think <cough> clearly <cough>, let alone run errands, with all this <cough> coughing. <cough><cough><cough><cough><cough>
<passes out>


Wow, looking at the auction prices going up and up makes me wonder if since people can invest in soybean futures and cattle futures if anyone is trading in sock monkey futures?


I mean I'm good enough for NFL superstars, but not good enough for a bearded cartoonist?


Soup - Come on... don't be like that, Soup! Hey - I'm not saying your USELESS... just unsatisfying!

Dave - I'm just impressed that your coughs validate!

Scott - I know Lewis has made a couple smart investments.

Soup - You're not winning me over with your football argument, Soup! Now... if you were the official soup of Windsor-Newton quality gouache and watercolor paints...


That's the problem with doing web development. Pretty soon you're just typing &lt; cough &gt;, Shift + right arrow, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, without even thinking.

Friends don't let friends make web sites!


I'm contacting my agent today...


in my personal experience, once you add enough crackers soup can be turned into a lovely mush or paste

Photoshop user

great cartoon :)


Captain Purple

See? ZooLoo agrees with me. And who doesn't like eating paste?


i'm gonna have to agree with you on the soup thing. just so... boring. and bland. when i have a cold, i already can't taste anything... why would i want to drink scalding, tasteless liquid with sundry leftovers floating in it.


Leaf, probably...

Little known fact: Soup was invented in 1678.
True story.


My solution to the whole cold scenario ... a humidifier, rest (if at all possible), Claritin-D, and fluids.

I was sick for my wedding and my honeymoon, lost my voice the day before and could not even repeat my vows during the rehearsal ... I had to whisper and the day of ... it gradually returned.

Thumbs up to soup, I prefer Weyer's brand of Mrs. Grass' soup + a grilled cheese sandwich.

The humidifier made a world of a difference! Hooray for Humidifiers! That would be a great name for a band.

Scott Walldren

Get well soon, man. Even sick you manage to make me laugh. :)

William Stewart

I've seen soup that seemed to make time stand still as I waited for it to cool down from molten liquid to something actually edible.


soup is the shit!

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