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My Team, Your Team

My Team, Your Team

Yet Another Drawing Game

Back when I posted the Doodle Association Game, a gentleman by the name of Andy Havens left a comment about a game he played called My Team, Your Team. And damn did it sound like fun!

I have played a couple times since then, usually over email, which explains why 2 or 3 volleys in I have to abandon the game because I get busy. But this past Sunday, Mr. Sutter and I sat down and played two lengthy matches, one of which is posted above, the other being posted over at Inkfinger.

The Rules

I shall quickly explain the rules, for those of you who may not have read them elsewhere:

Player 1 draws a character with a power. Player 2 then draws a character whose power cancels the power of that previous character. Repeat.

Simple! And as you may or may not be able to tell above, it can be played with multiple people; The Chicken Butcher was drawn by Niff, and Tricken Nuggeter was drawn by Kim. Although, now that I think of it, this would probably be a pretty fun game to play alone as well. You know... if you're a stickler about your monastic vows.

Whatever the case — be you hermit or hostess — if you find yourself with a little spare time, and a little spare paper, go forth and play. And, of course, I'd love to see the results of everyone's games, if you get a chance to post them to your site. Enjoy!

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Mountain Gnome

What a cool game, I'm gonna play with Mrs Mountain Gnome tonight!!


Brilliant! This could be big. It's very own website big!


I play this game with my wife and friends often it is our favorite

Scott Walldren

"The Retarded Unicorn"? Wasn't that a children's novel...

Hilarious idea. I'm going to start playing that solo today.


Mountain Gnome - Excellent!

Jared - Yeah - that would be pretty awesome... just a blog where every entry is a retort to the previous hero...

Artbeard - Sweet! Did you first hear about it from TinkerX as well?

Scott - I believe it was a ventriloquist act...


This is such a nice game to play with yer friends and a bottle of rum


Looked at each one. Mildly amused. Read the explanation. Then looked at each one again. Laughed my butt off.

The paleontologist: what is he doing with his right hand? My goodness, the Tool Strike folks should have included a pair of garden sheers.



KC - effin' PRICELESS!


@anders - yeah, that did need a bit of auto-censoring, huh?


hahaha... like testmonkey, the first time through i thought "some of these are pretty funny... but i don't really get it"

then i read THE RULES, and the second time through... hahahhahaha! i love the tickler and the bubble boy and the duck clown

haha. if i could draw, i'd totally play this. maybe i can come up with some writing version... i kind of like round-table writing. thanks for the inspiration...


I know there isn't really a winner in this game, but I think The Duck Clown won. Now, I'm no fan of clowns, and ducks are even higher on my List-of-Stuff-I-Would-Punch, but together they create something wonderful.

Also, the Iron Cucumber frightens me greatly.


A website version of this game would be neat but tricky... Hmmmmm...

*slides today's workload to the floor*

Andy Havens

Awesome. I'm glad others are having such fun with the game. I will show this one to my boy.

And, yes... a web version would be most cool. Any good Word Press drawing plugins out there?


I'd probably just get myself stuck in an endless loop of X vs O


anyone want to play?


We started playing at my office today and got 7 different people involved. Hopefully we can make it a chain that gets many more people involved, and then we can do "My Team, Your Team" Across America.


Hey, I'm allergic to soy! Maybe I should try the bubble thing.

Seriously though, this is such a cool idea! I'll have to try it out one day. Just gotta find someone else who can draw (and learn myself)


Testmonkey / Martha - Yeah - it didn't occur to me that on their own these aren't as entertaining. That just shows you what a great idea can do for a drawing!

Paul - Actually, the winner would probably be when you create a superhero who is defeated by the very first superhero drawn. Well... maybe not the WINNER. More like the jerk who ended the game.

Jimo - I'm glad I can help destroy productivity in the Jimousine.

Andy - You've created a timeless tool for fun, Andy :D

BigA - Hugs vs. Kisses? Sounds like you should be writing GIRL comics...

Catherine - Hehe - I love that picture :D

JR - Wow... that sounds pretty damn awesome. Wish I had some damn officemates!

Anand - A bubble also works for other allergies! Except bubbles.


my favorite is still the pickled boots of the Pickler


Well... I think this is the greatest way for someone to draw, and use cunning strategy at the same time. Two..not one..but two intellectual processes at once! Brilliant!
I will have to play this sometime in the near future.

P.s. The A.D.D. BoyScout...ha Whoever thought up that one...nice.

Kyle Jones

Much like I refuse to read manuals, I delved into this out of context, but once I read the rules I couldn't stop laughing. Tool Strike had me on the floor.


When I was in high school, my buddies and I used to have "Fuzzy Wars." Which was essentially the same as "My Team, Your Team" but all the characters were small, puffy, and covered in about 11 and a half inches of hair. Also, the fuzzies were a little more interactive as we drew over each other. It got messy. We probably depleted the world's red ink supply by at least 3%


Followed exactly the same process of reactions as Testmonkey.

I want to play this game with every single person I ever meet from now on.


great work...bizznesss


This game is simply brilliant. We've got a home version going on the fridge, and a web version at - we're musicians, i.e. we can't draw, but that hasn't stopped us so far. Thanks for the inspiration - and happy battling!


Haha - I checked it out - Fun!

Now you just need to invent a My Team, Your Team played with SONG!

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