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More Wodehouse Characters

More Wodehouse Characters

Another Set of Six

Here's a second installment of characters from P.G. Wodehouse's "Wooster and Jeeves" tales. It took a while, but I finally arrived at a satisfactory depiction of Jeeves. I never quite imagined him as an old man; though I definitely pictured him being older than Bertie. This depiction worked best for me in that he looks equally capable of reciting Shakespeare, or clubbing a man unconscious with a blackjack when the ol' feudal spirit calls for it.

Though, if given the choice, out of this set, I think Anatole the Chef is my favorite. That's the kind of man I expect to be a culinary prima-donna.

Oh — and if you didn't happen to catch the first set, check them out here.

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The Colonel

Nicely done, chap!

Sir Roderick has perhaps the finest eyebrows I've ever seen.

And I have to ask, has Mr. Little just messed his drawers, or is that weinery apprehension I'm detecting?


I would call that "lovesickness"....


Edwin.... hahahahahhaa, awesome


These Wodehouse drawings are amazing!

I am constantly amazed by your talent and humor.


I think that's a pretty good Jeeves. The faint air of disdain is convincing, as is the about-to-be-cocked eyebrow.

Nicely done.


Dibyo - I regret not looking into drawing him as a boy scout, now that I think of it!

Henrik - Thanks! That's always encouraging to hear :D

Anaglyph - Yeah - he does look like he's on the verge of an eyebrow raise... serendipitous!


First of all, Jeeves looks like he's about to kick my ass any minute now. And if you really knew me, you'd know why a dude named Jeeves would want to kick my ass.

But I digress.

Originally, I was going to point out that testMonkey had the nose of Sir Roderick and the ears of Edwin. Then I scrolled --oh the glorious scroll --and I must amend my original assumption: testMonkey has the nose of Anatole the Chef and the ears of Bingo Little*.

(*This has a little, but not much, to do with why any Jeeves is looking to harm my person. Damn my acute directional hearing abilities!)


I think you captured Jeeves beautifully. The slight arch of the eyebrow is perfect. I imagine him regarding Bertie that way quite frequently...


you make me happy


Testmonkey - I'm piecing you together bit-by-bit... soon I'll have unwittingly drawn your portrait!

Drew - Haha - yeah - I bet Bertie gets a LOT of that...

Martha - Hooray! :D


I like all of the sketches; I think that Aunt Dahlia is my favorite. There is something very regal about the way you drew her. I feel like she is the type of lady to tell me to “keep my chin up”.

As for Jeeves, I am not so sure that he could “recite Shakespeare”. Although I read the look in his eyes as disdain or disinterest, the way his forehead slopes back to a point could make him seem like he isn’t very smart. If you share my concern, you might want to consider giving him a rounder head. If you don’t see what I mean, then don’t second guess yourself.

I’ve never read P.G. Wodehouse's "Wooster and Jeeves" before, but now I might pick it up. :0)


Actually - it's interesting that you mention that about his head.... the back of Jeeve's head is frequently described as bulging out in the back so as to make room for his large brain...

Though all my attempts to give the back of his head more room did not make him look any smarter. Just one of those things that works in text, but not in an illustration.


Simple magnificence. Jeeves is a particular success due to the cranial dimensions you've bestowed upon him as well as the slightly world weary treatment to his expression.

Sir Roderick is spot on. I've always envisioned him as being a man of ample eyebrowishness.

Edwin looks exactly like a colleague of mine so you get extra points for that one.

Aunt Dahlia is perfection - just the right balance of tenderness and disdain.

Anatole is every frenchman I've never met but imagined I would and the fact that you've managed to capture the feeling that Bingo's face might collapse in upon itself is further tribute to your artistry. Kudos I say - kudos and a jolly good What Ho to you!

Now I've just got to get you to read the Blandings stories so I can see your interpretation of Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth


Perfect! That's so Jeeves...and Bertie is fabulous, as well.

Shane Guymon

Looking at this set and the last makes me want to go out and read the stories.

You've done a great job, I think I would apreciate them more if I knew anything about the books and the stories themselves.


Now, if only we convince you to move forward with Jeeves and Wooster: The Animated Series...


BigA - I may have to pick up a Blandings tale; the remaining few Jeeves and Wooster tales I haven't read are hard to find...

VDOPrincess - Thanks!

Shane Guymon - Hey, if a couple of these drawings encourage people to visit their local library, maybe THAT could be my community service!

Territan - Haha - that would be pretty fun! Of course, I'd be signing away the next 10 years of my life...


In case the seed has not already been planted, ever consider writing some kind of book? I'm thinking more along the lines of a comic/book like much of Edward Gorey's work. You have a great sense of humor and the illustrations to match.


Thomas Cast your eyes (and scroll bar) upwards then to the right...nope that's too far..little to the..yup, there it is. The Bearskinrug Store. Books a plenty and each as wonderful as the last. Buy several - it's just easier that way.


Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays (in case you're politically correct and would rather me not wish you a Merry _________)



Thanks very much! Merry Christmas to you! I'm currently in Virginia, so I didn't get to put together a Christmas post :( Oh well...


I like that, while most of them look forward, the respected nerve specialist is the only one who's certainly looking at me, judging my mentally unbalanced ways. Or perhaps that's just my dementia acting up again.

Donald Axel

These illustrations are superb, first I thought that they were from some old classic book, then I realized they were fresh from the charcoal-box, aren't they?
Did you visit ""?


It's rare a set of illustrated characters matches my mental images so perfectly.

I just finished a weekend of Wodehouse-assimilation, and then I find the characters here, having stepped out of the book long enough to be captured by your pen.


Sweet! Glad to be of service!


Sweet stuff, Kev.

I totally love Anatole, very good job on that.


Thanks, Murten! I like him as well :D

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