Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Ah, Thanksgiving!

Let it never be said I don't enjoy Thanksgiving!

You hear that? Don't let it be said.

So if some guy around you is mouthing off about me not enjoying Thanksgiving, you better go over there and stop him. Maybe sneak up behind him quietly and bash 'em with a rock. Or grab him around the neck with one arm, and ease him out of consciousness by blocking his windpipe with your powerful limbs.

You'll have to "take care" of any witnesses, too. Don't let 'em run away and squeal to the cops, because the LAST thing I need on my conscience while I'm celebrating Thanksgiving is that you got arrested for doing my bidding.

Got 'em all? Good. Now. Here's $3.00. Get yourself a milkshake or something. Do you like milkshakes?

Me too. Get me chocolate.

Let it never be said I don't enjoy a frosty chocolate milkshake!

You hear that? Don't let it be said...

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Oh and, yeah yeah.. Happy Thanksgiving Kev.


Thanks, Dibyo!

And even though you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you can still partake in it's uplifting message of gluttony!


I have no idea where you get these things from but we should have your brain examined when you are done with it.


Who said that?


Henrik - But I need my brain. It's where I keep the combination to my bike lock.

Jam - Henrik said it! I heard him! Just a couple hours ago!


I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your Thanksgiving. Please keep a thought for those of us who find ourselves abroad during the holidays. Do you know that some of the Brits I work with had no idea what it was all about? When I explained that is was originally an English holiday where celebrations took place in honour of getting rid of 'Americans', they wondered in genuine puzzlement why it wasn't still observed in England. I assured them I had no idea.


Put down the cranberry shake mister, you shouldn't be meddling with that stuff. Slowly buddy... keep your hands where I can see 'em...


Gross, and awesome. I think Canada's Thanksgiving comes too early, I'm always craving Tofurky again by the time the American Thanksgiving arrives. Stufffffinnnnggggg...


Bam! Hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving. I know I did.

(Yay for a new reader.)


BigA - I remember hearing that American Thanksgiving had it's roots in an existing English harvest festival. Though I suppose not everyone "harvests" anymore. Although if you think about it, most people still harvest the second and fourth friday every month.

Anaglyph - Mmm - cranberry shake - that sounds pretty good. Better than a "stuffing shake." Or hey, stuffing soda.

Rachel - Yeah - Canadian Thanksgiving seems to be dangerously close to Halloween. You run the risk of getting the two-week old leftovers instead of candy.

CG - New reader, eh? Well, welcome — glad to have someone aboard who didn't experience that unfortunate week this accidentally became a porno site...


I said when you are done with it! For the moment you are using it perfectly fine...

Russer Butter

Bear I would ask you once again not to bring up the porno thing. My back is still killing me from posing for all those pictures. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, witnesses have been silenced.


happy thanksgiving (two days late) and wow.... you wouldn't think a deformity like that would come in handy (get it... just kidding... pretend i didn't say that)

and those sodas from last year... bleck! (although i did eat the berty bott's every flavor beans based on harry potter... the vomit one really does taste like vomit)


Yeahah! I tried a bunch of them once — I particularly liked the grass one, and the pepper one. The vomit one was pretty bad — but then, the thing that made it intolerable was the acidic "cheesy" taste.

I believe both Sutter and Stan felt the fish one was the worst though... salmon? sardine? I can't remember... but I'd rather have that than the vomit...

Terry Tolleson

How many more times must I kill for you before you are pleased? How many?!


Look at that freak.

Normal people hold their pen in their right hand. Weirdo.


Kevin, I just got my Mojo shirt in the mail today. It's fantastic, and just in time: my bare torso was getting a bit uncomfortable in the ever-present winter chill.


Terry - Once more. But I PROMISE this is the last time. This year.

Pierce - Haha :D There's an interesting secret to that young man's left hand — I'm waiting for the Sutter/Niff/Stan/Rob contingent to perhaps spot it...

Jason - Excellent! And you took advantage of the enhanced warmness microchip?


I've taken the liberty of photographing myself while wearing the fabled shirt. It fits wonderfully, and fills me with delight.

The Philanthropist

As a fellow south paw, I would have to say that Billy's not using enough finger support behind that pen. I've tried writing his way and its not comfortable.


I would guess the interesting secret of the left hand is that Billy is holding the pen just like Bearskinrug does. One of the wonders of Bearskinrug is how can someone hold the pencil like that and draw so amazingly.

DD wishmore

Eh, I would say it's the scratches on his hand that keeps him from holding the pen correctly. I live on a farm, the most dangerous occupation in the world, but my hands have never gotten hurt that bad. Kevin, what did you do to him? Am I going to have to report some one for Child Abuse?


having fully recoverd from a coma brought on by an overdose of tryptophan and apple pie, i'm once again feeling hunger pangs. is it wrong that billy's hand makes my tummy growl?


Kate - DING DING DING! We have a winner! You sisters are ALLLL right!

DD Wishmore - You know how child models can be. Such Prima Donnas. And child models with a marketable carnival defect? They're SUPER difficult to keep in line.

Dyedad - Not necessarily. And if you were going to eat someone, it'd be polite to eat a limb, instead of important internal organs.


i just now noticed he has SIX fingers on his right hand


Yup. He's one special kid!


You Sir(or maam, don't want to offend any groups out there), are brilliant. I once new a guy with six toes, couldn't draw to save his life, but, boy was he FAST.


I hear you're not allowed in the Olympics with extra toes.

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