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An Ambidextrous Comic

If I had to go to Hell, I'd want to make sure I bring the following items:

A toothbrush... because cavities abound in the realm of eternal torture.
A hairbrush. Cavities you couldn't have imagined on earth show up in Hell.
A VCR — so I don't miss my favorite shows.

Notice that I don't need a TV. Hell is full of televisions.

A Shirt Update for the Ninth Circle

For those of you currently inhabiting the Divina commedia version of a frozen Hell — and who bought a Pillowfight t-shirt for your damned and frozen torso — relief is soon in sight! The shirts have arrived, and will be sent out as soon as I get them in their pre-addressed envelopes. Thanks to everyone for their patience — I learned a lot from this shirt-selling experiment, enough to eliminate the need for pre-orders in the future! You definitely kept shirt-selling from becoming my own personal Hell. Except for this one guy who specifically requested a half-shirt for football practice. What a jerk!

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This comic doesn't seem to have a coherent storyline... :D Anyway I always enjoy your drawing technique.

If I ever go to hell I'd bring:
* A Refridgerator (For food and stuff. I'm sure there are outlets to plug it in)
* Sunscreen 3000 (Even if I was stranded in the realms of evil I wouldn't want to get burned)
* My Girlfriend (If I'm going to hell, I'll take her with me, mohahaha!)

Terry Tolleson

Wait… but he has a holy box for the rabbit… are holy rabbit boxes the common travel method of the anti-christ? I mean, it's holy…

I would bring marshmallows. There's flames everywhere! Just sayin'…


I'd bring:

-a flame retardant suit (for my personal comfort)
-a water purifier
-a can of pitch-fork repellent
-a coarse emery board so I can sneak up on Satan and file down those pesky horns
-a spit to cook up the rabbit on

...and is a fire extinguisher really out of the realm of possibility?


Joe - Haha - yeah, when I look at it now, it is sort of out of context because I should have posted the OTHER one this goes with first. Oh well... maybe I'll do that later today...
Jason - Oh crap! He heard me!
Terry - Marshmellows... excellent! You've been Mr. Funny Man lately!


Testmonkey - I don't know how you do it, but you keeping slipping in a post before my replies! ;)

Pitch-fork repellent. BAH. It's killing the farm industry... Serfs are nearly extinct!


You mean you can't use TiVo in Hell? That IS Hell!

Shaun Inman

You're not fooling anyone Stan—that half-shirt is for your half-torso! Kev, can I get a third-shirt?


Well... you can't wear a third-shirt for football practice... you must need it for jazzercise. Consider it done!


...and a pogo stick.


Surely Hell is full of VCRs too - have you ever tried to program those infernal things?


Hey - and top of my List To Take would be marshmallows.


Oops. Someone already said that. Damn. Or damned.


1. "Chicken Soup for the eternally damned soul" - on micro-fiche
2. A toga, two slates with ten commandments, and a legal secretary
3. A twinky - It's gotta get ruined here.
4. An empty pack of breath mints - "Care for a ... oh sorry."


Anaglyph - Even the most clever members of Damnation's minions can understand a VCR instruction manual...

Somejeff - Sounds like you plan to pull some pranks during your stay in Hell!


Very cute little cartoon. I think a lot of people confuse hell with some sort of place where the devil is cute and has a pitchfork and horns. Well, want the truth? Satan is the most beautiful thing God ever made. But his head got to him and he thought he was greater than God Himself. This earth is Satan’s domain, and that's why if you just turn on your TV or read the news you'll see the devastation, death and suffering. Does that look like a cute little guy with horns? He masquerades as an angel of light, deceiving, lying and killing.

But you know what? He lost this battle. And Christ has won it. When Jesus died on the cross He took all of our sins with Him. When you acknowledge this and repent, God erases every sin you’ve done or will do. You’ve been washed clean. And when Christ rose from the dead on the third day, He proved that He has conquered death and sin and we will too, if we only believe in Him. Jesus is our bridge to God.

We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. You want a second chance? A new shot at life? I know we joke about hell and it having refrigerators and VCRs but don't be fooled by the deceiver. It is hell! You're alone, (sorry, no girlfriends), it smells like death, it’s dark, your constantly in agony and it lasts forever! It is absolute separation from the Love of God.

I know someone will ask, “If God loves us then why does He allow suffering and death?” It is because our sins have separated us from Him. We think we can do this thing called life by ourselves and that we don’t need some God for help. If you take a loving God out of the equation then that’s exactly why there is suffering and death.

So think about it and consider the costs. Continue in sin and die. Or accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus and live. I know I'm going to get pounded because of my writing here. But if one person out there in cyberspace needs to hear this and needs to know they are forgiven by God for what they may have done or not done, then it is all worth it. It’s not propaganda, it is true forgiveness…. And we all need that.


Doug, I agree completely with what you say. That is also the belief in some other religions such as Islam.
On a lighter note, Awesome comic. =)


Hi Aamir. Actually, no other religion can offer forgiveness of sins. That's what's so amazing about Christ and Him forgiving us. Once we confess our sins to God (not man) and turn from our sins, the burden is lifted and healing begins. :)

And these drawings are quite amazing! :)


Doug / Aamir - I appreciate your devotion to your faiths and your right to speak freely about them; but if you feel the need to continue this discussion, it'll have to be in a different forum. This just isn't the place for deep theological discussion or evangelization...

But I'm glad you both liked the comic :D


Yes that's all very wise... but I think we're missing the big picture here... where the hell (no pun intended) is the devil's tale on the last drawing? and shouldn't he be wagging it with content?
I'm troubled with this.


Hey — You're right...

He must be shifting his form! Very slowly!


So if this goes with the second one...what kind of evil thoughts WOULD he be having about the bunny house?


My guess is, he planned to actually have the bunny ride in the back of the car.

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