Friday, October 20, 2006



The Inaugural Mojo T-Shirt

At long last, a Mojo T-Shirt is finally available. I'm taking pre-orders for shirts in the Bearskinrug Store, so visit right now to get your shirt before the cut-off date!

Or... ya know... for more info... if you're not one of those impulse buyers.

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So what is the color of the shirt?
Also i didn't realize that Mojo was allowed to hang out on girls night.

John Nick

Is the "cut-off date" the date on which you take a scissors to the shirts and remove the sleeves and collars, Flashdance-style?


Kate - Why, Light Blue!

John Nick - It could be... I think a more appropriate name would be... "Everyday".


If I were invited to a pillow fight with 3 girls that are hanging out in their undies (albeit with dubious hairstyles), I imagine I'd be happier than Mojo appears.

Man, he's about to annihilate ol' pointy boobs, isn't he?

I'm not quite sure he appreciates the real jem of an opportunity he's got goin' here.

Now, if they were all bowling alley wenches, that'd be different...

Shane Guymon

Well perhaps if I was a girl I'd wear the shirt, heck I might even buy it (in that order)

But since I'm not a girl, perhaps my wife would like it..

I'm still thinking about it.


Testmonkey - It's such a regular occurrence for Mojo I don't think he even appreciates it anymore. Much like how a stag film is thrilling for about 5 minutes, and then you get bored out of your mind.

Shane - How can a shirt that details Mojo on the verge of sexual conquest NOT be a guy's shirt? ;)


yeah, films about deer are always boring.

Hugh G.

Nice work Kevin! But we need more t-shirts! More I tells ya!

I'm a t-shirt whore.


Oh - don't worry - there'll be PLENTY more to come. This first batch is kind of a trial run, to give me an idea of how much I'll need to keep in stock, and what sizes to carry.

Shane Guymon

ok so you are right, it's a great shirt, and I want one, but have NO MONEY!

So I had to come up with some reason to convince myself other wise, so as to not feel to freakin upset about not having the BLASTED thing!


Oh! All my Xmas dreams come true! I ordered and then I saw the PayPal Return page with Mojo 'In The Money' - now there's the t-shirt I really want...

How I laughed.

I hope it turns out well Kevin, I want the complete Mojo Summer Collection.


About time! I know I want a Bearskingrug t-shirt. Just not this Bearskinrug t-shirt. I hope you understand. I await furthur developments with great anticipation.

Hey, maybe you should have vote-offs to see which past illustrations you might be able to print next! Like your own mini-Threadless. I have all these great ideas for after I get popular. Or talented. Or famous.


Curses, I don't think I can resist the temptation of a Mojo shirt!


i want to be pimpalicious like mr. mojo.. that kid knows how to party...


I think Pierce is right, a good way to get feedback, even if kept as private data. I can't wait to see what comes up next!


Anaglyph - Haha! Yeah, I drew that up so that people would have a confirmed payment page, and as I finished the drawing I thought "Man - this would be a good shirt too!"

Pierce/Hamza - I completely understand — and I think that's good advice; I'd like to hear what people want as a shirt....


Weeellllll, since you asked....

I would buy this labeled octopus. And I love "Quacking Up although I'm not sure how well it would work as a t-shirt.

Or you could just draw that robot unicorn fighting a mob of meerkats that everybody's been waiting for.

Terry Tolleson

How long after the start of the pillow fight did one of those lovely ladies pick up Mojo himself and use him as a pillow?

*considers alternative options to generate money to afford such an exquisite accouterment*


I just discovered your site today from a wayward link and spent time I should have been working reading backwards through your articles to about mid-2004.

This site > work.

I too would go for a labelled octopus shirt.


Haha - sorry to kill productivity, Tom!

Hmmm... maybe the Octopus WILL be the next shirt... I kinda like that!

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