Friday, September 15, 2006

The Charles-Arthur Showdown

The Charles-Arthur Showdown

Right versus Wrong?

This really makes me wonder... what sordid misdeeds did Charles actually commit? And what of Arthur? Is he an instrument of Justice, or does he hide a past equally as black as Charles? We may never know. But at the very least, we can breath easier, knowing there's one less crazy person out there.

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That is... disturbing.
And also my bid for first post! Wahey!


Ronald - you're quick on the draw!


First the teletubbies -now this. What is happening to the world of children's entertainment?!


Hey... better they learn about conflict here than on the playground...


I love panel 6, the calm before the storm.


i never liked those two miscreants anyways


god dammit kevin. (oh yes, that means it was hilarious)


DARK, Kevin! DARK! I love it! What about Charles or Arthur versus Mojo?


If someone ever walks into a room and discovers my dead body, this is precisely what I want them to see.


I laughed out loud.


Rachel - That's where they were each playing out their win scenario in their head. I don't think it turned out how ANYONE predicted.

AndrewH - Yeah... they smelled like feet.

Bandelin - Ah... I can always reach you with violence, Bandy...

Greggie - They could never win. Mojo has arms!

Jared - HAHA :D Wanna go out with a bang, eh?

The Jones - Sweet! Bandelin AND the Jones!


You owe me a coffee. I just spit mine out everywhere. Oh man. Ha ha


Yes, but what about an ambush? They could "squish, like grape" as Miyagi would say if they flanked him ...

Ahh ... but you're right ... our fearless hero would KNOW that they were going to ambush them. My bad.

Keep rockin' Kevin!

Dan Mall

What an ending! I didn't see that coming…

Mr. T

Wait?!? So how did Charles and Arthur kill a guy too? And how did they get on his hands? I am so confused...

Terry Tolleson

Would this be considered suicide as they are, technically, connected by the same "body"?

You got to give it to Arthur, though... bringin' a knife to a gun fight. Ballzy. Actually, I think that only works if he produced his blade after the snubnose was brandished. But he still went for it - that's moxy.

Your Brother


You have reached a new low.


It seems to me that there isn't so much 'one less crazy person' as 'one more crazy person with mutilated hands'...

mr. chips

I think that Charles and Arthur should have their own mini-series. Maybe even a lead up to how this moment came about. Ace!


you can say that again. ps: you are too funny for your own good, man :D

Walid Ahmed

wow! :D
this one got me good...
great work!


I really think you're groovy.


Ha ha... The agony of de-


Awesome work!


Brilliant :D


o man, you blowed my mind, its near Arthur´s brain


Wow! Glad to see this paid off for a fair share of people. That's the thing that sucks about being the guy who makes it... you already know how it ends up.

Hercules Papatheodorou

Hm, then how about you start a story and each of us add another frame, much liek the "x word" story telling game?

wander lima

Owww. I really like this one!


ha ha this is SO cool. i wish i could come up with stuff this's alllllll gold! :D


Haha, this is pretty awesome stuff man!

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