Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mojo's Last Haul

Mojo's Last Haul

Rigging the Rig for Mojo

Mojo exhibits many of the qualities of a good truck driver. He doesn't mind being alone at all, and he can go weeks and months without going to the bathroom. What he lacks is the ability to get motivated. See, a good truck driver will value the importance of whatever he or she is hauling; keeps them a-rolling, through the heartland and up the coasts. It's important that their cargo arrives safe and on schedule. Mojo tends to have trouble adopting responsibility for something he doesn't legally own, so being a "cargo shepherd" might be a problem for him. The best way to get him motivated might be to tell him the trailer is haunted, then when he gets in the cab to drive away, attach the trailer really quick...

Mojo Hauling Ghosts

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It still amazes me how little Mojo utilizes his tail. I mean his climbing into that cabin is about as graceful as if I were doing it. Does he even realize he has a tail - and if so what does he actually use it for?

John Nick

I love it when the lady hitchhikers wear nothing but a single strand of macrame jute around their waist.


HEY! You turned me hetero! Stop it!


BigA - Ooops! You just made me notice I put up the wrong comic - I had gone in and drawn the side-view mirror but forgot to upload it... it's there now...

Not that it makes Mojo look any more graceful...

I'm sure he knows he has a tail, because I have to set a place for it at the dinner table; but yeah... damned if I know what he uses it for, other than dirtying up my fine china.

John Nick - Hehe... The eroticism of Macrame transcends any boundaries... my grandmother's house is a near-aphrodisiac!


I would have kinda figured that Mojo is more of a butt kind of sock. I see no hint of a well crafted posterior on said hitch-hiker, so I am troubled as why he stopped.

Perhaps all the patting was for another reason...

The Snowman

I'm liking the cab-over pete and the trucker hat - is this an homage to "BJ and the Bear"? Obviously Mojo's not hauling bananas or there'd be a reefer unit on that straight box and he'd be chillin' inside eating the cargo. 10-4.


How did he get his Class 2 license?
Also, I am the proud owner of the 4th of 34 Mojo The Sockmonkey / Picnic Mtn Single-Panel Extravaganza! Came in Saturday, all I need now is frames and nails. Very nice.


The Snowman is onto something here with the mention of a reefer. Reefer, food, chillin': all the makings of a great, if not slow, mellow, and/or paranoid, long haul. And with that, I bet he'd be more willing to believe the cargo is indeed haunted.

So the solution, kids, is to never *ever* use drugs. Unless you are an inked sock puppet into chicks with no butts. Then feel free to toke away.


Egads! An egregious error I have made. Mojo is most certainly *not* a simple unsophisticated low plain dwelling sock puppet. He is the much higher evolved sock monkey.

From one monkey to another: my most sincere and humble apologies.


Yeah, Testmonkey, I was about to give you a verbal lashing for that.


I'm most impressed that though Mojo needs to use the mirror to launch himself into the drivers' seat, he has no problem reaching the gas pedal.


I would think, though, that it would be more like Mojo to actually HAND OVER the truck as opposed to lose it.

Russer Butters

I must agree that mojo doesn't use his tail enough, unless he is using it to reach the gas pedal, but I have to wonder why mojo felt the need to clearly exert himself scaling the side of the cab to climb in through the window when he could have just opened the door. And what's with just handing over the truck without any butt pats to seal the deal?


Mojo always demonstrates a higher level of lateral thinking than most. I admire him for that.

PS - am I right in thinking his problems with ghosts started with too many games of Pac-Man after that last ill-advised psycho-active banana smoothie?

Captain Purple

So am I the only one with the Jerry Reed song from "Smokey and the Bandit" stuck in my head? Mmm, earworms...


Ya pick up a woman hitchin' from the median and yer jus' askin' fer trouble, son.


How do you come up with new stories everyday?


Zombiefactory - Awesome - glad to hear they arrived safe and sound! :D

Testmonkey - Haha - don't worry, people make the "sock puppet = sock monkey" mistake all the time. And I'm not sure Mojo understands the difference. Although, if someone tried to use him like a sock puppet, I'm sure he'd quickly figure it out. Yeouch.

Mary - Haha - I would say that's exactly how things went down ;D

Anaglyph - He does try his best to think himself out of a jam. Unfortunately, he hasn't been gifted with a particularly good chain of reasoning.

Soo - Well, I definitely don't come up with them EVERY day (although I certainly wish I did)... but sometimes it's just a matter of sitting down and drawing something randomly, then thinking... "What would MOJO do next?"


Can Mojo hit that gas? And for that matter, a more importaint follow-up question: The brakes?


LOVE the PacMan-ish ghost on the truck in the post script 18 wheeler ...

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