Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pythagorea of the Mouth

Pythagorea of the Mouth

Math Conquers Love, Which Conquers All.

How ironic. Two posts ago we shunted Math aside, yet here we focus on its power to pick up damsels in distress. Word has it Pythagoras sired a massive family, earning him the nickname The Father of Numbers. "Numbers" of course being the Greek word for bastard children of triangle-burdened women.

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Wow. This runs a lot like most of the fantasies I had in school. Except I wasn't so hot at math. So generally the girls were asking for help with their science fiction homework.


Oh... I hear ya... like, "How many Moon Colonies could Pharos 3 Support"?

I got to second base with that...


is that... hey! get your digitless mits off my girl!!


Hmmm. My thoughts went "Why does she want to know the size of the other side of that triangle? What's she gonna do with that triangle? Triangles are sharp..."


I think I will have to share this with my students who don't like math....then maybe they will do their homework for once!! Or maybe they will start making out with the nerdy kids...its a win-win situation.


Now that's what I call a love triangle! BWAHAHAHA.....HA....ha..........ha


Ara Pehlivanian

Why isn't she wearing a bra?

Terry Tolleson

It's a good thing she wasn't looking for the greatest common divisor of two integers. This strip would have garnered an X-Rating if the Euclidean Algorithm was thrown out there.

s. zeilenga

Someone awt to tell Mojo that his butt-pat thing is not nearly as effective as a good math pick up line. But then again, perhaps Mojo is not good at math.

So, always go in first with math and if that fails plan B is a well placed butt-pat...



Mojo doesn't strike me as very good at math ...

John Nick

I am screaming with laughter. SCREAMING!

Richard Medek

I love the wingman in this sketch… not only how proud he is in the last panel but in the sixth where he's leaning in to check out his buddies progress.
It's funny how sometimes the simple sketches capture more details than something more, er, detailed.

Nikki Noodle

I think she's building herself a bikini. She's got one side done!


Please! Someone PLEASE think of the olives!

Mr. T

I know from experience that this works with the ladies. But if you really want to impress them you will have to learn how to solve paradoxes: “Could an omnipotent being create a rock so heavy that even that being could not lift it?” or “Can an irresistible force move an unmovable object?”

Now that will get you some ‘non-committal make out’ time!


And you can figure the distance from where you're standing to a point on a building so long as you know your distance from the base of the building and how high that point is on the building ...

wait ...



wait... THAT'S how it works? I've been doing it all wrong! Screw you, random facts about world cheeses and communist dictators! Math is where it's at.


Ms. Crawford from 9th grade geometry would kill me if I let this one slip by... you'll need to know the angle between the two known sides before you can determine anything about the third side. Even then, you'll be using the Law of Cosines to learn about the third ... not the Pythagorean Theorem (which only applies if you know one of the angles is a 90°).


Oh Patrick - you are SO going to get some play.


Patrick - Oh dear... their relationship is ALREADY based on lies. It'll never last...


This is too perfect. Something will go wrong. What happens when she tries to apply that theorem to an obtuse triangle?

I mean sure, it's all fun and games when you're talking about right triangles. Any young couple in love can handle that.

But it's when SOH CAH TOA comes out that the relationship will really be put to the test.

Hugh G.

Math make brain hurt!


I don't get it.


That guy must have one hell of a hypotenuse.

Hercules Papatheodorou

Wish it was that easy :P


You just need to find the right woman... a nerd, I suppose.

Yev Webber

If everything was so simple :) ... but sometimes it does


I wonder what that girl would do when the guy held a little speech about 3d them octagons and hexagons...


I wonder what that girl would do when the guy held a little speech about them 3d octagons and hexagons...


Oh dear... I'd like to apologize for the double post, but to do so I'd have to make a third post...

These are by far the hardest choices in life.

Here goes:
sorry for the double post



Maloser loves maths like a fat kid loves cake.


Who is jack and what is a malooser? More importantly...I hope this doesnt double post!


Well... we'll break this down logically. A Fat Kid loves Cake, and a Maloser loves Math. Fat Kids eat Cake, so it stands to reason that a Maloser eats Math.

So if you have your Math outside in a fence, and something digs under the fence to eat your Math, it was probably a Maloser.

I'd suggest getting some kind of watchdog. Or a shepherd. We can't afford to have a Math shortage in this economy.


I believe its an old old wooden ship.


I am going to go crazy. Every website I try to help me with pythagoras is just filled with the easy stuff.
The triangle I am using, I only know the length of one of the sides.
4|_ x

Can someone help?

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