Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Wippins Campaign

The Wippins Campaign

A 13,140-Hour Comic

Hearken! The virtual shelves of the Bearskinrug Store are now stocked with some new reading material, in the traditional format you and I have come to know as the "comic book". And while I released Ambidextrous and The Story of Eh months ago, The Wippins Campaign ironically pre-dates both books. Why the delay? Well, some things just take time, especially tales of betrayal... world conquest... and design.

Design?! Tell me more!


Or, to elaborate, "No need for me to tell you about it here, when you can read the first few pages for yourself!" After all, why use a bunch of cheap, two-cent words to summarize the story, when I already told the whole thing in glorious black & white panel art! So feel free to download the PDF Preview from here. Or, what the hell, go straight to Lulu and purchase a copy of The Wippins Campaign to hold in your own two hands. That's how do all my reading!

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Thijs van der Vossen

Download is not working in Safari...


That's probably because when I first published this entry... I forgot to include all the links :D

Should be working now - Thanks Thijs!


The Wippins Campaign - a 24-hour comic for busy/lazy people :D

The Colonel

It appears yet another fine Kevin Cornell Creation shall be on its way to my hermit's nest post-haste.

Whereupon I shall feast on a meal of a thousand giggles. Awesome.

Rob Weychert

Hooray! I'm so glad that this book is finally seeing the light of day.


Those first few pages look great Kevin. I'll be sure to order soon.


Nice comic, but how much is that splendid wooden table top?


Haha - well... that's my floor.

But I DO eat off it.


Wait a minute .... I had something witty to say .... okay, no ... wait a minute ... here it comes ... no, okay ... yeah, here it comes ...

CRAP!! Way to go Kevin, once again (there's sarcasm in this here tone of voice) you've released something with grand splendor and yet your witty banter clearly ...

Oh yeah ... hehehehe ... I like parquet!


As a reader of "The Wippins Campaign" who is not of the graphic design community, I found this story gripping, compelling and rich. A tale of strength, betrayel and alien intercourse. Enjoy!


I too have had the pleasure of reading W.C. and highly recommend it. And I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife… Really.


I just orderd all three comic books. Can't wait to dig in. The preview was what sparked my purchase.


You'd think I could type my url in correctly -all- the time. Accursed fingers!


Hurrah for the preview! Thanks Zombiefactory! And Greggie... there's precious few of us left who may remember those commercials... but we must stay STRONG!


Pardon, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Fortunately I stopped watching TV... 3 years ago.

Terry Tolleson

Dammit man! I don't have the allowance to cover these kinds of must-have things!

Your talent for onomatopoeia is what is truly legendary.

Gomp! Gomp!

Alexander Carlin

Mr. Cornell is a genius. And funny to boot.


Just ordered my copy. Another fine addition the Cornell Wing of my Library. May I also say your thank you note arrived very swiftly. Almost as though some sort of wizardry was employed....


Well - that's the beauty of a heartless, form email... they take NO TIME to write... ;)


Dammit, Cornell.
I have got to find a way to get rich off of your genius!


Hey that does look nice. Thanks for the preview, gave a great insight into your talent :)
Though, I always wondered why had to take that name, because in german "lulu" refers to the part of the male body (almost) every man is so proud of...

s. zeilenga

Ha ha ha... well, if the first few pages are an indication of the rest of the comic it should be dang funny. I was laughing so hard already. I mean, the guy doesn't even flinch when a creature like that comes to his door. Coffee? yeah. ha ha.

I will have to buy the full comic soon. Keep up the great work!


Christian Montoya

That was the worst cliffhanging PDF preview ever! I must know why he laughs! I might as well buy one!


Nice dialogue. Does your goblin servant owe a debt to Ukko (dwarf manservant of Slaine from 200AD)?

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