Monday, November 28, 2005

The Knitted Hat

The Knitted Hat

The Virtues of Virtues

Selflessness is a top-notch heating method. Other virtues that keep you warm are Piety and Reverence. Honesty has slighty warming effects, but for the most part it brings mild guilt. Punctuality ensures healthy teeth and gums; so stay prompt if you can't monitor your sugar intake.

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Self-righteousness can maintain a full, healthy head of hair, or so I've heard.

Jason Santa Maria

Sure, but usually all your public hair falls out instead.


Swedeness is popular among the ladies, I hear... :D


That's ok. You just have to balance your self-righteousness with cynicism, which is good for pubic hair. And also helps prevent brittle bones in later life.


Pierce is right. Elderly cynics have FANTASTIC posture.

Biggest Apple

Fortitude sounds like a great virtue on paper but sadly causes horrific constipation.


Generosity appears to be very popular with the ladies.
Lucky me.

Ara Pehlivanian

His selflessness seems inversly proportional to his intelligence. Thermodynamics plays no favourites.

In the next frame (mercifully hidden from our view), he freezes in his virtuous stupor.

Mr. David

Mr. Pehlivanian's right.
Though selflessness makes you feel warmer for a short time, it actually restricts the bloodstream, thus making your body lose heat faster.

That poor Ambidextrous bastard is as good as dead within the hour.


paranoia actually makes you immune to purple nurples.


Jason said pubLic, not pubic.



which is actually much much worse than pubic hair. public hair is the hair that everyone judges you by!


great, i know what i am getting for secret santa. sheesh.


selflessness is next to godlessness, which is a nearest neighbor to self-righteousness, which is seated just behind buttlessness, who is standing across from gutlessness, who is cantilevering over senselessness who has had too many shots of jager and is passed-out on the floor for all at the company holiday party to see...


Buttlessness... I have that virtue...


Is buttlessness better or worse than buttfullness?


Perhaps if that frigid chap were to put some clothes on, he'd be a bit warmer...


Isn't it Butlerless?


Just ask my friend, Wes. Poor sumbitch had his lower vertibrae fused when he was 14 and because of this has no butt. He's like a damn board. Goes from back to leg ... hehhehe ...

Funny thing is, though, that he is that he is selfless, godless, self-righteous AND buttless and he keeps a bottle of Jaeger in his freezer. Hmmm ... makes you wonder how he fits all of that into the same chair.


i find that blatant stupidity can really keep you you really have no concept of temperature extremes...or comfort. or clever repartee. you just wanna go watch that polar bear, play with the fire. ahhhhhhhhh.....mmmmm. toasty!


i bought ambidextrous yesterday and it is one of the funniest things i have ever read. put out your next bbok soon !!

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