Monday, August 29, 2005

Captions, Factions, and Stumps

Captions, Factions, and Stumps

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I must say I was pleasantly surprised and excited at the level of participation in the caption contest. I want to thank everyone who contributed a caption — I enjoyed them very much! Of course, now I have many more comments to sift through than I was planning; but I'll be putting on my Judging Cap (and my Comedy Codpiece) and hopefully have my decision by Wednesday. In the meantime, as some of you may have noticed, I have closed the comments on Submit A Caption — so no sneaking in late entries.

Citizens Concerned About Stumps

To assuage your hunger for a caption decision, I figured I'd put up this comic I stumbled across yesterday. I love the feeling of going into a sketchbook and finding a serviceable comic that I'd forgotten about; it's like discovering money in an old pair of pants. This particular comic is a Word of the Day inspired sketch — the word in question being Faction.

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in fact, for you that IS money...and possibly more than could fit into a pair of pants :)


Hah, hah - possibly... but not usually :D


ha ha..

This is reminiscent of some committee's I've seen. Mob thought processes made legit by a mandate from Corporate.


It's a bad to be a stump. But it must be even worse living your days as someone who thinks that stumps can both hear and understand english.


But on the bright side, at least he found others who share his beliefs. This comic brings hope.

adam (first-time commenter)

You know, I think I know the leader! I'm on a committee with him... I guess that makes me one of the silent guys in the back, huh?


Adam, are you the one with his fists on the hips? Wow, only great supporters of the cause will confront the dissenter with a stance like that. *Admiration admiration*


What I want to know is how you managed to end up with such a clean writing style.

Mr. David

Say, where can I join CCAS? I've noticed as of late that there are far too many stumps... stumping around, taking up space, and allowing chipmunks to live in them. And we all know how much trouble they can be.

The bastards.


Adam - I'm amazed that I actually wrote a comic about you then! (Please don't sue!)

Jordan - You mean my handwriting? What's funny is, I don't really have any idea about it's legibility, because to ME it will always be easy to read.

Mr. David - They're a lot less trouble than a magical moose.

Biggest Apple

Have to say I'm questioing their stump related concern. Really it should be CCAHSEC, (Citizens Concerned About How Stumps Effect Citizens.


This site never ceases to amaze me, i am insanely jealous of your talent!! chance, could i have your hand when you die???


Can I have your pants? That will do it for me, I don't need any part of your body. Or maybe the ears... do you have good ears, Kev?


Apple - That IS true... they're really not concerned about the stump's welfare. You're going to crumble their faction to the ground, Kirk!

Fiona - Hmmm. Maybe. I have pretty high hopes that by the time I die I have hook-hands.

Murten - Are you saying that because you assume there might be money in the pockets? I knew I shouldn't have revealed that!

Mr. David

As much trouble as magical mooses mostly are, they're hard-pressed to compete with the havoc-wreaking talents of a swinging, tuneless, mariachi horse.

Now that's trouble if I've ever seen it.


money? pockets? maybe.

btw, can I have the sock under your matras and the old vase on the coffee table aswell?


did you almost write "cizens" in "frame one"? ;)


how do they see with no eyes

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