Monday, August 15, 2005

Return of the Harry

Return of the Harry

An Ambidextrous Comic

I originally drew this at the Episode III opening, where I had a good two hours to kill before the start of the movie. It was a noisy theater, and the overpowering atmosphere of fear and oppression made it hard to write — what with all the storm troopers and darth vadars in the audience. But luckily, a guy three rows back bought a lightsaber at Best Buy, so I felt a smidge more at ease.

This comic raises the interesting kinds of questions I specialize in (superficial and intellectually impotent). Given the choice myself, I would definitely prefer to watch Dirty Harry. There's just something about 70's films I "dig" (I got the term "dig" from a 70's film!). It's the "feel" of the movie; the film quality, the rough-around-the-edges-ness, the storytelling. Today's movies have such a squeaky clean finish, and use more formulas than a chemist.

So which do you think are better? The Films of Today, or the gritty Films of the 70's?

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but Star Wars ARE 70's films... :P


See, that's where you're wrong. They're all from the Future!

In this case, I am speaking of the "later" additions to the Star Wars epic...

Jason Santa Maria

*sigh* They are actually from long, long ago, Kev. Nerd!

I am also down with Dirty Harry!


By god - you're right!

Yeah - but you like Dirty Harry because you're a gun nut. What are you on? Your 7th or 8th "shootin' car"?

John Nick

The 70's had good-ol-boy Burt Reynolds movies where the only point is for the actors to enjoy themselves and make money (e.g., Cannonball Run). Audiences seemed to go for that.

Try that TODAY and people seem wary (e.g., Ocean's Twelve).

The 70's also had all those incomprehensible political thrillers that made me feel dumb (e.g., Three Days of the Condor).

TODAY it's the girl movies that make me feel dumb (e.g, Must Like Dogs).

Anyway, I guess I like TODAY better because the really quirky movies seem borne of innate eccentricity (e.g., The Royal Tenenbaums) rather than wildly potent weed (e.g., Greaser's Palace).

BTW, the guy with the Dirty Harry finger is playing a Tom Sawyer on the light saber guy (and I don't mean in a Geddy Lee way).


I like pretty much any movie with Clint Eastwood in it. Whether he's a cop on the hard streets of San Francisco or a drifter on the plains of Texas. In the Seventies-movie genre (if I may), there's an incredibly organic feel to the movies. Probably because all the actors are actual people and are in the same space, acting together.
Beyond that, the aesthetics of movies from the 70's make me feel so comfortable. The color and the light are so expertly coordinated and the film just fucking eats it up! And the posters! The design was less contrived when the tools were limited to an x-acto knife, and some markers.


I prefer today's movies. Clint Eastwood? Pff. I prefer movies that feature women heroes like Miss Congeniality.

I sure do like the Return of Harry though.


I like 70's films that are about the future. The idea of what the future would look like is great.

A particular favourite is Phase IV directed by Saul Bass. A strange and stylish looking film. Ironically enough the poster is completely different from the film.

Hugh G.

I agree with you Kevin. Older films are much better for many reasons.

Movies today seem like they don't even give a damn about story and plot development. Just what celebs are in them.

I also agree 70's sci-fi films are sweet. Give me anything with Charleton Heston over the crap being pooped out today. The Omega Man, Soylent Green, and (Mojo's favorite?) The Planet of the Apes, are classics!

Oh, and Clint Eastwood kicks ass in everything. You could cast the man as a ballet dancer and he's still be a badass.


Ballet dancer, eh... I just got an idea for a script!


The future scares me, almost as much as the outdoors and awkward social situations.


It wasn't in the 70's.. but Ghostbusters is just a great early 80's movie. It never gets old!


I prefer movies.


Charles - But in the future there won't BE any awkward social situations. We'll all have "Charm Chips" installed.

McMullen - I know Kim will agree with you there - she LOVES Ghostbusters.

Olly - Well... you can't argue with that!


I am liking these little guys more and more. you should make them point more because it's funny.


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