Friday, May 27, 2005

Chet's Friends

Chet's Friends

A Sad Day for “Missing You”

It's not important that Chet is in the hospital. Nor is it a tragedy that Chet's friends are so wishy-washy about their ties of friendship. The real loser here is the greeting card. Now, no one will see its clever illustration — a puppy swinging a tennis racket as the ball 'doinks' it's head.

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great new style, if I didn't know I was on your site I would think someone else made this :)


Enough with the "clever" little illustrations already. Don't you have a Hemmingway sock monkey to be painting?

You'll be the one in the hospital soon!


would that tennis-playing puppy be, like eggo minis, a miniature waffles? (i agonized about the grammar of that sentence, but eventually decided it was impossible to make it correct...)


Anders - Hah - that's kind of cool - I'm my own guest artist!

Springfish - Hemmingway Sock Monkey? The Secret Project! NOooooooo!

Wayne - All grammer sins are forgiven. Waffles jokes are the ultimate reprieve.


Sweet. I love the wash, and the contrast and mood of the last frame. White lined-heads too.


I like how different this is and agree that it looks like a guest artist did it. It is great that you are able to resist becoming stuck in one style!


Hallmark is gonna be pissed!


I like this is different. The little arms and legs of the characters look so neatly fragile! .....if you know what I mean.


lovely, did you whited out the heads or are you a really accurate painter? (It's ecoline in the back, right?)

Or maybe yellow bister with blue watercolour for the last frame...


Fickle hand of fate eh? I am intrigued about that card.
Was the puppy wearing a t-shirt?
I bet he was and I missed it.
I hate my life.


the last frame is differently colored for the final ZING! this is a good style for a t-shirt as i have said before


I love your site. Great sense of style, and superb execution..

But you need to work on the drama. Work on the jokes. Or steal them from pro's.

(note this doesnt apply to the bear)


Hmmm - interesting JP. I'd love to hear some more advice. Do you have some examples of what you find lacking? Suggestions for how to improve the work? Or did you just stop by to throw a wrench in the gears?


JP, I think you are almost as jealous as I am. But it's much better to admit it rather than throwing some wannabe remarks.

As for those Chet's friends, I understand the one who's planning to send flowers perfectly. Man, that's me.


I got one! You could have a guy arguing with his wife about how she came home from the store with 5 teapots and when he asks her why she got so many she can say, "’cause they were ON SALE!"
It's funny because women like to shop.


Awesome, Ian! I'll be stealing that now... :)


I thought the point of the story was that people in general don't care about "Chet". You got him a get well card? Well it's not good for "Chet". Then moments later we feel bad. Oh, "Chet"! I really should get him something.


I think you've got it :D


BSR, that's a great cartoon! The twists at the end always get me. You're like the O. Henry of cartoons. Just point me to the collections on acid-free paper, and I'm there!


Thanks Eric...

I'm working on collections my man... keep your eye out... :D

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