Monday, May 16, 2005

The Standing Score

The Standing Score

They Keep Score of Everything

My own scores are probably more skewed towards sitting, with a couple of spikes in the lounging and eating categories. I can't say for sure. I hear the beep when the scores change, but when I look up I don't see anything. So I guess my looking up scores are probably pretty strong too, then.

A technical note

Due to recent mental pressure and physical threats from Mr. Santa Maria, I have recently fiddled with my styles to increase usability. You may notice, for instance, that bolded words are no longer links; and links look distinct enough to pick out of a page. I hope this increases your reading pleasure. I also hope this helps me avoid future throat-punchings.

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my sitting score's through the roof! :D


Wow - what time is it where you are, Anders? You always seem to be the first to comment when I write REALLY early morning articles!


I didn't get a seat on the train this morning, and now someone has run off with my knees. I could be heading for a standing record right now.


Uh oh, Rob! You'll need your knees for your Knee-to-Groin score!


if my head calculates correctly (it's especially bad with time difference), it was about 6.30 pm when I wrote the first post...the secret is RSS :P




ROB, this is the first time I regret disabling my Caps Lock :)


Ha Ha..
Righty is owning lefty at standing.
Ha Ha..
Lefty is such a loser.


yeah, but the guy on our left is leading on the "indeed" scoreboard 1-0. and what could be a more important score than that?


Standing too long is just arrogant, and if his scores become too high, it could be bad things. I've seen it happen before, and let's just say it can be "messy." I've championed hitting the "Z" key on the keyboard, but decided to retire after threats from "X" who felt I was leading it on.


but if righty's score hits the 9999, he will have to start all over again at 0001. so that means lefty's ahead then.


that makes sense, doesn't it?


That man is an imbicle, or else he has better legs than I do. My job requires me to stand within an area of concrete approximately 6'' square, and my heels always hurt for the rest of the day (and sometimes the next). Add to this that my knees, hips, and various other body parts are strained by this duty, and I can't possibly comprehend that guy's intentions.


I'm new so I hope you don't mind me jumping in here.
The way I see it is that Jordan (above) is in the lead for longest post. For shortest post we got Tony. Most posts Anders. I could come up with something clever for the other guys but I don't want to win for longest post.


Yay! Link Styles!
Ahem...I said..
Link Styles!


A standing score seems to be where mmorpg's are headed. The Standing Score is truly a dystopia of digital quest realms.


Tony - Yeah - that does make sense! The system is flawed!

I like your observational eye, Juna - and your good-sportsmanship. I think Jordan should split the prize with you.

Alright, Alright Ian, I get the point. Sheesh - my CSS is ballooning!


How many CSSes do you have? One?
Ah. That's nothin'.


Kev, my sitting score is insane...hemroids, AIDS lesions and herpes sores give an extra few points right?


Well... you'll get extra points on your sitting score...but is that really WORTH it?


Links would be better in a different color no? Why not reuse the color you use for the names in the comments?



Perhaps I am seeing things different than everyone else...

The links SHOULD be black... Are they not black?


(late entry)

yeah, you should change your link style, and while you're at it, maybe do something different with the whole artsy-illustrator feel to the site...

MR Rob

Artsy links;Like start to wear pants?
don't listen to him Kevin he's gonna try to make you wear pants.

Your brother


What are you doing up at 4 AM?


I'm always up early. Maybe everyone else is sleeping TOO much...


I'm so ashamed; I don't have a "witty bon-mot, or clever repartee," but I like this post so much that I want to be immortalized here, of all places. I'm taking a stand, damn it! Now, what's my score?


I believe you are now at 2500. Way to go, Todd!


That comment above scores for suckability. When will these spammers learn?


Don't worry, Prabhath. The offending comment spam has been eradicated, thanks to Brad Choate.

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