Friday, May 06, 2005

Pedro Quits Dancing

Pedro Quits Dancing

A Six-Penny Anthem

I bet this happens a lot in the industry. Sure, it's a great loss for exotic dancing, but it benefits society in the long-term. Many dancers probably do so much research on their policemen/fireman/construction worker routine that they eventually go into that career. Ever seen a policeman with a mustache? Makes sense now, doesn't it?

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Rob Weychert

Chase your dreams, Pedro!


How do you think I got started in web development?


What was your routine like, B?

*Type, Type, Thrust!*, *Type, Type, Thrust!*

John Nick

My cubicle-mate is enduring my screaming fits of laughter.

It looks like the woman at bottom right is putting the dollar bills back in her purse.

I wonder what Pedro's musical accompaniment is.

My guess: 'Cracklin' Rosie' by Neil Diamond.


I used to keep a mouse on the stage with me, one with an extended cord, in fact.


Kev, that must be u in gonna dance for me baby?


Aww, how cute... you picked up a troll!

M.E. Kuhr

I had something witty but I forgot it by the time I started to type..


That happens to me all the time. I just use my backup plan for humor, which is mentioning mustaches. Then, when everyone is distracted, I end my post.


That's incredibly lazy & shows a distaste for your readers! I'm very... oh... look at that mustache!

exunt stage right


I love the disppointed expressions on the womens' faces as they realize the show will not go on.


Pedro has quite a following for a balding, stocky, overweight fella.

Your brother

Where did you get that picture of me?

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