Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tentacles and Templates

Tentacles and Templates

Sorry for the brief intermission

Thanks to everyone who gave me a heads-up on my site breakage. Turns out I needed to recode all my includes to target relatively. It took a little while to browse through all my templates and other pages. Everything should be alright now. Although, if you do notice a problem somewhere, I don't mind a stern talking-to.

Now. Back to my normal self. I'll just post a disgusting one-panel drawing... *click*.

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Wow no posts, is everybody too grosed out to coment?
I have just one question where are the "tentacles" located and what was the doctor going to say "no Chuck you mean to say... chest hair, belly button, eye brows".
Btw I like the way "oh God" is really slow


Hah Hah! Looks like I should have worked at this one a little more...

What does "tentacles" sound very similar to? :)


That's rich. The image it conjures up is pretty vivid too.

wayne's nice to see the ancient tentacle/testicle joke is not forgotten. my personal favorite usage was in "better off dead."


Wait - where was it in Better Off Dead?

The Jones

Yeah I kinda watched that one in my head.. then suddenly the tentacles reached out grabbing the doctor and eating him...all the while Dr. Chuck looked on calmly.


That patient might be a good match for James Bond's "Octopussy".


"Professor Squidcrotch"


"he puts his... how you say... 'testicles' all over me"


I definetly like the red.


thanks, sutter. for further "better off dead" clarification, i believe the line comes in the fruit-throwing scene, when she is complaining about ricky. "love....the language of love..."


it is only now that i wholy unerstand the joke(being overworked and writing inteligent posts does not work well togheter) and i am more disgusted than when i found out Bozo the clown was gay.
it's funny thou


He was gay? Then that marriage proposal was for ME? Wow...


he asked you to?
that bitch!


Dr. Chuck is obviously more perceptive than his colleague. Perhaps he's seen this case before.


Well - he's definitely the more experienced MD. He surgically removed a pop-up book from a little boy's skull with little permanent damage... his instruments.

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