Wednesday, March 09, 2005

One Day in the Tubes...

One Day in the Tubes...

All the Hamsters were Late for Work

There's a 300 dollar fine for squeaking, too. This thing's gonna take a while to clear up.

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That looks like my colon.


God damn it! now that is what i would call freaky. Jesus!


Are hampsters susceptible to tube rage?


RJ means literally stan, he actally has a rectum full of hamsters.

nice one kev, but i have no clue why you thought of this one.


I was watching Garden State :)


that actually explains it. I really didn't think you could.


Hmm - I think I'm insulted? I don't really know... :)


No kev, I meant that; I thought that you probably thought of that completely randomly...I couln't imagine how you would get an idea like that.


my hamster, henry, died in his tube. he sort of looked like that. but there was only one of him.
*weeps a little*


Yeah, um. I'm sorry about that, Sara.


I was going to type 'whahaha' but Sara and her sad dead hamster disturbed my plan.

* whahahaa*

*runs away*


Wow - that Jessie is FAST!


Well Sara,
You shouldn't have let Kevin fill the tubes with water...
Not all hamsters can swim you know...


moving away from hamster zombies or wathever doesn't this remide you of 3 o'clock ,you in the taxi, have to get to the airport in 3...2...1 .....fuck....maybe the plane is late...i'm so dead....


Sorry Sara, but I do like the cartoon - it reminds me of 'Through the Habitrails' by Jeff Nicholson - a very twisted comic / graphic novel.

M.E. Kuhr

sounds like a good short film...but the only problem would be making the hamsters talk with out using horable CGI(s, would it be plural?).

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