Monday, May 24, 2004

Heat Vs. Productivity

Heat Vs. Productivity


This was a hot weekend. But not hot in the "That shemale was hot!" sense, in the normal "It's hot in this room full of shemales" way. Which is a real shame, because as the heat goes up, my productivity goes down. WAY down. Much of this can be attributed to heat depriving me of sleep (which also contributes to poor speech skills and uh, ...fuck it) but mostly I can't get anything done because I'm naked and can't leave the house.

So last night, as I lay in bed covered in a vaporous husk created by the humidity and my sweat, I had a thought. If you could add up a person's accomplishments throughout their life, would people in the tropics generally be less accomplished than say, we temperate zoners? Are the real go-getters all up in Alaska, mowing their snow twice a week and learning actionscript at an advanced rate?

We may never know. Or more specifically, I may never know, because no one else cares. If you need to reach me, I'll be napping under my desk.

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Santa Maria's Father

mmmn i wanna sex you up, all night to make you feel real good yeah

Mike Perve

One word: Siesta.


There's gotta be an arctic equivalent to the siesta. Like short bursts of suspended animation when you ice over.


you should just ask the bear. it has to be good for something...

you are experiancing perfect weather for an ice cold beer (well, we college students would call any weather beer weather i guess)


i´m from Brasil and all my live i wore shorts. Sometimes, it´s so hot inside my car that i have to wait to get up, or my back willl stay stuck to the seat. Well, at least im good at soccer. However, if i play for too long, i can die from the heat.


You bring to the surface the main benefit of the hot climate, Vinicius. "I could die from heat exposure" is a great excuse to get out of outdoor activities.


is it just me, or is the dot shading done by robert cameron the third utterly cool?


I think there is a certain limit. The speed you do your work at will increase if it gets colder (better for your brain) until it's too cold to be concentrated. So there is a limit, and I believe Alaska has crossed that limit.

But anywayz, it IS probably the best excuse after pretending you broke your leg.


dude, you seem to have forgotten the coloring of your lower scroll bar...

its all unstyled and naked..


Yeah. I need to hire full time help for upkeep...

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