Monday, May 03, 2004

More Hate Mail

More Hate Mail

Here's another of my spite-filled letters:

Dear Dr. Barook,

Recently I had the chance to visit you at your practice, and experience your suspicious craft first-hand. I've never seen such disregard for the western medical tradition. If you continue to conduct your business in such a way, I have no choice but to find another certified Witch Doctor covered under my health insurance. Please refund my payment of whale teeth, and return my urethra scrapings in a hermetically-sealed bag.

Sincere hopes your igloo melts,

Kevin Cornell

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Bjorn Ulvaeus

wHAT a ZanY GuY You ArE KeVin. JuSt PlaIn ZanY.

I ThiNk YouR DrAwinGs ArE ShIt Hot ThoUgH.

RiGht, I'M ofF to Poke BenNy. Bye

Luv, BjORn


When you say "poke Benny..." do you...

Uh.. never mind


yEaH I fink YoU Know What I Mean KeVin Me Ole Son.

IncIdenTalLy Can You HeLp Me Out Old FruiT = WhatS ThE NamE OF The TyPeFacE You Use For The HEadInGs anD BeArSkiNRug Logo on ThIs Site, I CanT Find It AnyWheRe

ThanK You XXxxxXXX

Dr. Barook

You can take your money, and your asshole, and...shove it up your own asshole.


euh dude called Bjorn, why do you type like a fourteen your old AIM girl?

ThAnK yOu!


Is ThAt a No TheN>?!


Bjorn - The font is called Cairo, but I assume that's a bastardized version of the name. I had to actually do some tweaking in illustrator though.


Ahh thank you Kevin. You have unlocked the spell of the terrible punctuation within my posts. Such tragedy was bestowed upon me on my fourteenth year as I walked through the enchanted forest.

I thank you for your assistance in this matter and will reward you in kind.

Incidentally, is the 'handwritten' effect type your own handwriting or is that a font you have adopted? I mean the headlines etc. on your sketches, such as dear Larry to the right.

Pip pip.


I'm glad I could help! I try to stay away from forests, and the candy cottages they contain.

That is my handwriting, as a font. A lot of the sketches don't fit into the proper format, thus I need to redo headlines and such.


Which fonts are being used on bearskinrug? Headline etc?

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